Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sparkle Sprinkle

Aw! This day has been such an adventure!! I woke up and decided I would go walking. I didn't know where I was going to walk to but I was going to walk. Just a block from where we are staying I found a path and followed it down into a park! There was lots of people walking their dogs and running. The weather was wonderful and I can't wait to go there with JM!

hahaha! Just some inspirational words

Okay, now something AMAZING happened today. I made a green smoothie after my walk and sat to check Facebook. Up on my news feed popped the most exciting news! Sprinklesmobile was in Huntington Beach on Main St and Walnut St and they were giving out FREE cupcakes. I will not tell you how fast I ran to my car at this point due to extreme embarrassment BUT I quickly got to my car and waited impatiently at every red light from here to Main Street. I spotted the chocolate brown van in the distance and then looked frantically for some spot to park. I headed down a street hoping to find a free spot in front of a house because there is really only parking garages that you have to pay for or meters that you have to pay for. I found a meter and pulled in with a quarter in my hand and ready to run against the meter!! Oh the tender mercies!!! There was 15 minutes left on the meter that I could use. My heart was bonding out of my chest due to excitement. There was no line and people were PASSING IT UP when the nice lady asked if they wanted a FREE cupcake. What?!? Now came to the decision...double chocolate or the famous red velvet. I couldn't decide so the wonderful lady gave me both! I love the sweet happiness of the small things that feel like they are just for you.


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  1. Every time I read about what you are up to, I just think that you are right were you are supposed to be and living it up! I love the way you take every moment and make it into something special. And way to get two delicious cupcakes for free!