Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach Bum

Today has been one of those days that just feels really long. My sweetheart and I got up early and headed to the home of our wonderful friends, The Mayfields. Both of the "JM"s were off on their way was soon we we arrived. EM and I and friends decided to visit Huntington Beach. What an Adventure!!!
4 women + 2 babies + 8 bags + 1 whale tub = a whole lot of fun!!
It took us about twice as long to get there with tons of traffic and lots of stuff as we were actually at the beach. It was beautiful and fun still and there was a farmer's market right by the beach that had the most beautiful food and LOTS of free samples!
JM (hubby/sweetheart/bestfriend/climbing partner) and the other JM are hiking and climbing Charlotte Dome. It is the 2nd annual "Joe's birthday trip". Those guys are so crazy! I got a text message that said "If you haven't heard from us by Monday call this number" hehe!
There is a slight down side though. I don't know anyone else in this area! There is a chance of traffic on all the highways so I have to be very committed to going somewhere. I love exploring this wonderful place but I really like doing it with my awesome sweetheart. I can't wait for that guy to be back!
Oh, and the farmers market happens every friday...I'll be back to that and I'll take pictures this time!!!

Charlotte Dome

I really miss this guy! My awesome buddy, Royal, the King of sticks and stones!


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