Friday, January 6, 2012


Hello Wonderful Friends! 
It has been a while I know but moving and settling takes some time. 

I will post new pictures soon but I wanted to fill in on how things were going over here in our new Moreland-Land. I Graduated from UNT in December with a Merchandising degree! Joshua and I really love the mountains so Joshua choose to transfer to the University of Utah to finish up his undergraduate program. We drove for two whole days but made it to Salt Lake City safely. It was the slowest drive of my life but we love it here! Our little basement apartment is so cute and cozy. There is a man cave and wooden paneling on the walls. Yup, that's right. I am working for Nordstrom and I really love it. I get to meet the nicest people all day and they really love that I am from Texas. (I love it too) 
Joshua and I found a new climbing gym and have been taking advantage of our awesome location in the city and have been running in the mornings around Liberty Park. We live by this super chic street called 9th & 9th. Something I really love?? All the local business here. I haven't seen a Chili's since we got here! Oh, Sweet Happiness! There are so many new things plus the added bonus of mountains in the background of it all. 

Some cool things that have happened so far? We hung out with a guy who grew up in Denton, Texas. I met a Kappa from SMU who lives here now also. I checked Blake, the owner of TOMS shoes, out at work. I met the wife of a former Dallas Maverick and now plays for the Jazz. Joshua got in-state tuition status. We share a house with a couple who both work for We saw the lights on Temple square. We did a 3-day juice detox but are both happy to be able to eat solids again. 
and Royal? LOVING IT!!! Running, eating, play dates with best bud Cocoa, new smells, but with his family. LOVING IT!


  1. Oh my dear Ashley! Reading this makes me miss you! I still can't bring myself to bring your grad photo down from my fridge. LOL! I like seeing your cute face there, what can I say? I hope you guys are doing awesome in Utah - what a fun place to be. :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! Glad to hear you guys are settled in and loving it.

  3. Awesome! Your adventures are so fun! I love it!

  4. Welcome to Utah! Hope you are enjoying the weather it is supposed to snow thought :( I actually really like Texas I go once a year for a Mary Kay conference. It is quite humid especially when you are wearing skirts and pantyhose in July. Anyway thought I would say hi and cute blog!

  5. haha that last photo is hilarious! The dog is so cute (: