Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its been a while...

This summer turned from vacation/internship to working 40+ hours a week!! Instead of being tourist, the hubby and I settled in to a normal day to day routine and life seemed normal. (except we lived out of suitcases and all my friends were in Texas!) Here are my top 10 favorite things about this summer/California...

  1. The Weather. Duh!
  2. The View. Both Mountains and Ocean.
  3. The People. Their view of life, the beautiful people we met, the times we heart is full.
  4. Irvine Spectrum Nordstrom. You are my home forever, so small but so big.
  5. RockReaction (JM's work and our climbing gym) Took us in like we have been there forever and made friends that will be forever.
  6. The Food. OH THE FOOD! Mother's Market and Native Foods in particular...LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  7. The Camp. It is like it was built for us. Such a sweet treasure.
  8. Ben, Joseph, and the Emily's plus 2 awesome babies. Thank you for your friendship.
  9. The Acceptance. Acceptance of change, difference, and love all around.
  10. Joshua. I could not have been so brave to do this alone and I had my best friend on this great adventure.


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