Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here is to Dads

The king mountain man in this house has a truck. Her name? Francesca. Well, this little lady all of sudden started making loud screeching noises and how will not start. "WHAT?!" My reaction exactly. Well, I knew just who to call. So here is to Dads...

Dads who know exactly what is wrong with your car even when he is across the state...every time.
Dads who figure out emergencies with ease and get things taken care of so we don't have heart attacks.
Dads who know facts about everything.
Dads who fix up cars which is just plain awesome.
Dads who laugh and light up a room.
Dads who work hard every single day of their lives and still seem to get off for family vacations and rock concerts.

Here is to Dads. Here is to my Dad.

What is awesome about your dad?


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